Journal of Postharvest Technology, Vol 5, No 3 (2017)

Feb 29
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1-methyl cyclopropene (1-MCP) for quality preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables

Deep Lata, V. S. Kuchi, G. A. Nayik


The use of 1-methyl cyclopropene (1-MCP) is a commercial strategy commonly used for handling of several fruits and vegetables, as pre and postharvest application to extend their shelf life. Ethylene promotes rapid ripening, softening and early senescence of fruits and vegetables. It binds with receptors present in fruit tissues and elicits functions.1-MCP binds with ethylene receptors and blocks ethylene mediated responses in fruits and vegetables. Its efficacy depends on various factors such as cultivar, harvesting and maturity stage, concentration, exposure duration, time etc. It delays many physiological disorders and chilling injury development in several commodities. This review explores the role of 1-MCP for quality preservation of fruits and vegetables.

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Online ISSN: 2348-4330 
NAAS Rating: 3.69 (2018)