Vol 7, No 3 (2019)

July 2019

Table of Contents

Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers

  • Extending the shelf life of tomato through hurdle technology – a review
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    Shamsudeen Sanusi Nassarawa 1-17
  • Pectin edible coatings enriched with essential oils of lemon and thyme to improve storage of black raspberry
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    Soma Abdi, Davood Bakhshi 18-29
  • Chemical and microbial quality evaluation of fresh tomato and its processed products using FTIR, SEM and GC-MS
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    Comfort Onyeche Ochida, Adams Udoji Itodo, Benjamin Asen Anhwange, Christopher Nyerere Abah, Promise Adaku Nwanganga 30-44
  • Effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on the postharvest quality of tomato fruits during storage
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    Kator Liamngee, Astor Christopher Terna, Mark William Ussuh 45-55

    Cereals, Pulses, and Oilseeds

  • Production of extruded snacks by utilization of watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) seed flour
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    Praveen Raja M., Karthiayani A., Selvan P., Nithyalakshmi V. 56-67
  • Biocontrol Potential of Moringa leaf extract on fungi causing Postharvest deterioration of Maize (Zea mays L.) seeds during storage in Makurdi
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    Liamngee Kator, adams Abdul-Rahaman, Zakki Yula Hosea, Manguts Yabans, Amon Terpase Emmanuel 68-79
  • The role of manual sorting of raw peanuts to minimize exposure to aflatoxin-contaminated peanuts
  • Hendrix Muma Chalwe, Munsanda Ngulube, Samuel M. C. Njoroge, Alice M. Mweetwa, Obed I. Lungu, Elijah B. Phiri, Rick L. Brandenburg In Press

    Postharvest Engineering

  • Evaluation of shelf life of walnut kernel coated by antioxidants in combination with packaging under different storage conditions
  • Roghieh Talebi Habashi, Shahin Zomorodi, Alireza Talaie, Sepideh Kalateh Jari In Press
  • Numerical simulation and experimental validation study of a mixed-mode solar dryer for cocoa beans
  • Samuel Ayobami Adeyemi, Surajudeen Olarewaju Obayopo, Felix Akharume In Press