Vol 4, No 4 (2016)

October 2016

Table of Contents

Research Articles

  • Characterization of Different Cultivars of Mango Commercially Grown in Malda, India
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    S.N. Khara, Pran Krishna Thakur, Pinaki Acharya, R.S. Dhua 50-55
  • Influence of Combined Application of Inorganic N and P Fertilizers and Chicken Manure on Quality and Shelf-Life of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Bulbs
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    Diriba Shiferaw Geleta, R. Nigussie-Dechassa, Woldetsadik Kebede, Tabor Getachew, J.J. Sharma 56-67
  • Effect of Three Essential Oils and Their Combination on Mortality of Tribolium castaneum at Different Time Interval in Stored Wheat
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    Ranjeet Kumar 68-71
  • Effect of Storage on Bean and Cup Qualities in Robusta Coffees under Different Processing Methods
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    Saleh Nakendo, P.C. Musoli, E. Kananura, W.W. Wagoire 72-74
  • Effect of Ginger Extracts and Storage Temperature on Shelf Life of Kent Mango Fruits
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    Adams Abdul-Rahaman, Abdul-Wahab Salifu, John Chonga, Thomas Bayuo 75-82
  • Preparation and Acceptability of Guava Cheese
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    Harjinder Singh, Dilip Singh Kachwaya, Ghumare Vikas 83-85